Trans-boundary Water Management in the Classroom

From September 7-9, teachers and environmental activists from Israel, Jordan, and Palestine came together at EcoPeace’s SHE Park for the 5th Regional Teachers Conference. This regional conference was designed to create a platform for teachers to connect across borders, to celebrate the work they are doing, and to learn best practices for incorporating environmental education […]

Session with a group of American students on the rehabilitation of the Jordan River

A session with a group of high school students from The National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) took place on 4 July 2017 at Ecopeace Middle East’s Office in Amman. The aim of the session was to raise awareness in relation to environmental degradation and to inform the students about EcoPeace’s efforts to rehabilitate […]

Workshop on Empowering Young Women at SHE

A workshop has been held on 17-18th Feb 2017 as an activity related to the Good Water Neighbours project. The main theme was “Women empowerment and the role of women in local communities and in preserving water resources. A group of 20 girls from all over the Jordan Valley attended this workshop at SHE Park. […]

Women in Regional Environmental Leadership

Happy International Women’s Day! We strongly believe that progress cannot be made without the input and leadership of women and girls in their communities. It seems fitting that this week we welcome three new female interns to each of our offices. Through these interns we hope to build a new generation of female leaders in […]

International Women’s Day

Environmental progress and peacekeeping cannot, and will not, happen without the involvement of women and girls in their communities. International Women’s Day, March 8th 2017, is a day to highlight women’s accomplishments around the world, and to kickstart EcoPeace’s updates of our work on Women’s empowerment across the region. In October 2016 EcoPeace staff joined […]

Community coordinator regional staff meeting – 16 January 2017

This week’s meeting at Auja EcoCenter provided an opportunity for EcoPeace Middle East’s community coordinators to enhance the skills that have enabled them to successfully implement their grassroots campaigns. Once everyone had arrived, EcoPeace Middle East’s co-directors outlined some recent achievements, including advocacy efforts that doubled Gaza’s water supply and renewed the Joint Water Committee. […]

Water Has No Borders

As the only point of access to the river in Jordan – “Bethany Beyond the Jordan” and one of the few outlets in Israel -“Qasr el Yahud”,  symbolizes a common ground for people on both sides of the border. It further represents a sacred place for people of different faiths as Muslim, Jewish, and Christian […]

Shared Environments, Shared Concerns

In the 1800s, a man named Iskandar Abu Zabura used the river next to his watermelon patch to transfer his fruit to the sea. His namesake port would export four million melons to other Mediterranean countries each year. Though the Iskandar (Alexander) River and the port still exist today, the legacy of Abu Zabura is […]

EcoPeace’s Second Regional Alumni Seminar

The second annual EcoPeace Middle East Regional Alumni Seminar took place over three days in early April, bringing together young leaders that had formerly been recruited to participate in EcoPeace’s Good Water Neighbors project. These youths have grown into water trustees for their regions, learning to contribute essential leadership to their communities. Those with long-standing […]

Everybody knows where the Kishon Stream ends but do you know where it starts?

To celebrate Earth Day, Good Water Neighbor trustees and alumni from the Kishon Basin came together at the Kishon Park in Haifa on April 25th to bring awareness to the pollution of its very waters and, organized by “Green Course” and other environmental NGO’s. EcoPeace’s mission was to bring awareness to the upper part of […]