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Workshop on Empowering Young Women at SHE

By: Ecopeace Middle East
March 14, 2017

A workshop has been held on 17-18th Feb 2017 as an activity related to the Good Water Neighbours project. The main theme was “Women empowerment and the role of women in local communities and in preserving water resources.


A group of 20 girls from all over the Jordan Valley attended this workshop at SHE Park. The event began by playing games designed to reinforce team work, motivation, innovation and thinking out of the box.

Community coordinator Mohammad Al Nawasrah gave a motivational lecture about women empowerment in their local communities especially in the Jordan Valley. He also provided real-life examples on women contribution in taking the lead developing various sectors in their communities. However, he insisted that there is plenty to do to encourage more women to participate in specific sectors such as medicine and education.


The most exciting session was when the trainees Jumana and Bara’ inspired the audience by sharing their experience with the Good Water Neighbours program, starting as water trustees, then developing as alumni to eventually becoming  a part of Ecopeace’s staff.


On the following day, all of the participants did a community service at SHE including cleaning and planting. Other activities were undertaken from the resource guide such as simulating a case in the court where participants were divided into three teams: A team advocating the government, the second playing the role of the Sharhabil bin Hassneh Municipality, and the last lobbied for women empowerment in the Jordan Valley.

What can be taken from the event is based on common sense, that is: women have the right to self expression, to take part in decision making and should not be denied their basic rights as equal partners in society.

Written by: Jumana Al Bakheet

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