Call for Mentors

EcoPeace offers a climate ambassador program designed for young professionals between the ages of 20 and 35 who are interested in expanding their knowledge of climate, water, negotiations, effective communication, and regional cooperation. The program spans approximately eight months and consists of two stages: basic training and advanced training. During the basic training phase, approximately 50 participants are selected through a competitive recruitment process and attend workshops, tours, and webinars during the first four months of the program. The advanced training stage follows, in which about 24 participants are selected and divided into three working groups focused on climate diplomacy, community leadership, and media-starling. Each group comprises roughly eight participants, who will meet virtually on a weekly basis between March and July 2023, and will undergo a training workshop in Jordan between May and June 2023.

EcoPeace is seeking a mentor to guide the three groups during the advanced training stage. The mentor will assist the groups in the project planning process, from development to the proposal stage. The participants will present their project proposals in a 7-10 minute lecture during July/August 2023. The projects will be focused on climate diplomacy, community leadership, and media-starling.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your tender by 25.3.2023. Further information and submission process can be found here.