Greening Education in the Jordan Valley

Save Water. Save Life. Save the World. This simple but effective message is painted on the wall of Halima Al-sa’adiah School in Sharhabil bin Hassneh, one of the 28 cross-border communities participating in FoEME’s “Good Water Neighbors” project. Next to it is a painting of the hydrologic cycle. The wall of artwork surrounds an eco-garden […]

GWN Youth Camp 2013!

Friends of the Earth Middle East’s Yearly Youth Camp As part of FoEME’s Good Water Neighbors youth program, yearly camps are organized that bring together youth from neighboring communities from Jordan, Palestine, and Israel to learn about their shared environment. This year, the camp was held in Alon Tavor Field School at the foot of […]

Red-Dead Sea conveyance briefing

Public Briefing: The World Bank Presentation On February 19, 2013 in a beautiful Jerusalem neighborhood overlooking the Old City Walls, the auditorium where the Red Sea-Dead Sea Conduit briefing took place was filled to the brim. The gathering presented an opportunity to review and respond to the World Bank Red Sea-Dead Sea Conveyance Study Program, […]

Water wars in the Middle East

“If many of the wars this century were about oil, those of the next century will be over water,”1 Ismail Serageldin, vice-president of the World Bank at the time, declared to Newsweek in 1995. Alongside the degradation of air quality and soil depletion, water resources’ quantity and quality are already defined as part of these […]

The last days of a FoEME research internship

Late August I started my internship position in Friends of the Earth Middle East’s Bethlehem office. Looking back on these past five months with Bethlehem now fully decorated for Christmas, I can’t really grasp the fact that time has passed so fast – I know it is a cliché, but a true one. Without a […]

Telling the Story of Auja’s water through the Auja Eco Center

Located in the Jordan Valley, North of Jericho, the municipality of Auja is facing environmental problems which are not unfamiliar to the region. The greatest obstacle in Auja is water scarcity, which is clearly manifested in the diminished flow of the Auja Spring, the main water source of the municipality.

Turning roofs green with vegetable gardens

Rooftop gardening is not a new idea: people from ancient Babylon, from the Roman city of Caesarea and many other places took advantage of their roof spaces to grow all kind of plants. This practice is gaining new popularity today, as cities grow and access to land for gardening is limited. Turning roofs green can […]

A Multifaith Journey of Hope to Israel, Palestine and Jordan

From 23rd April 2012 – 3rd May 2012, a unique tour took place in Israel, Palestine and Jordan, organized by Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith, and facilitated by FoEME.  The tour group was comprised of members of Jewish, Islamic and Christian faiths, and focused on visiting sites that are important to all three major monotheistic religions.  […]