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With the end of the fiscal year upon us, you may need to squeeze in your tax-deductible donations before heading off to that New Year’s party…you can make an online donation right now which is US tax-deductible and help start the new year in a green way by helping build FoEME’s three EcoParks!

Haven’t covered your holiday gifts yet? Share The Holiday Spirit With FoEME!!

Share The Holiday Spirit With FoEME!! By giving a FoEME gift to someone you love this holiday season, you can help build FoEME’s three EcoParks! Here’s how it works: You make a US tax-deductible donation through our website→ FoEME sends a handsome gift card by email → FoEME develops its EcoParks in Jordan, Palestine, and […]

Young Global Leaders visit Eco-park and Bakura

October 2011 saw Jordan hosting the World Economic Forum‘s regional summit at the Dead Sea. Taking advantage of this, a group of Young Global Leaders (YGLs) – one of the WEF’s leading communities – partnered with FoEME in organising a ‘Learning Journey’ for YGLs to learn more about regional environmental peacebuilding efforts. Such ‘Learning Journeys’ […]

Do They Think We Are Idiots? We All Know Dead Sea Works is Destroying the Dead Sea

Over the past few weeks, Dead Sea Works (DSW) has saturated Israeli media outlets with a misinformation campaign in ads, on the Internet, television, newspapers, and billboards all over the country claiming that the “Dead Sea Works brings life to the Dead Sea” when in fact they are directly responsible for its destruction.

What is FoEME doing in 2011?

This blog post was contributed by Efrath Silver, intern at FoEME’s Tel Aviv office The year 2011 has well begun. At Friends of the Earth Middle East we are anticipating an important and exciting year, during which we will continue and expand current projects, as well as develop new activities. A lot of work lies […]

FoEME Hosts Conference in Jordan: One Basin, Conflicting Visions

This blog post was contributed by Jessica Marx and Yedida Wolfe from FoEME’s Tel Aviv office. From November 2, 2010 through November 3, 2010, FoEME hosted the “7th Annual Good Water Neighbors Conference: One Basin, Conflicting Visions” in Amman, Jordan. Over 150 people attended the conference, including representatives of government from Jordan, Israel, and Palestine, […]

Dead Sea Factories Request to Increase the Area of Evaporation Pools – A New Record for Corporate Chutzpah? [Hebrew]

An evaporation pond near the Dead Sea.  FoEME is deeply concerned about the Dead Sea Works’ plan to extend the area of the evaporation ponds through the construction of “Pool No. 6.” בעוד ייבושו של ים המלח בקצב מואץ מוכר כגורם לקריסת המערכת האקולוגית של האיזור כולו ומליוני דולרים מושקעים בתוכניות לאומיות ואיזריות לפתרון הבעיה, […]

We Did It! 350 Event Was a Smashing Success!

[rockyou id=154392228&w=426&h=320] Yesterday, on October 24, 2009, over 300 Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians gathered around the Dead Sea, transcending political and geographical boundaries to create an aerial photomontage as part of the largest day of climate activism ever.  Participants, organized by EcoPeace/ Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME), joined more than 5,200 communities in […]

Countdown: Day 350 Less Than One Week Away!

Our inaugural post for FoEME’s new blog couldn’t come at a better time!  We are only days away from October 24, the biggest international day of climate action in the history of the world! Over the past few months,‘s network of global activists have been hard at work organizing this truly global campaign.  The […]