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Countdown: Day 350 Less Than One Week Away!

By: Max
October 18, 2009

Our inaugural post for FoEME’s new blog couldn’t come at a better time!  We are only days away from October 24, the biggest international day of climate action in the history of the world!

Over the past few months,‘s network of global activists have been hard at work organizing this truly global campaign.  The international community will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark in December to craft the next phase of a global climate agreement and we, as concerned citizens of the world, want to ensure that this agreement is strong and fair.  The best climate science tells us that we need to stabilize the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere at 350 parts per million if we are to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change (the current concentration is 390).  So on October 24, thousands of people in 160+ countries all over the world will mobilize around the number 350, and demand that global leaders bring this number to the negotiating table at the end of this year.

Here in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan we are also concerned citizens of the Middle East.  We live in a region already besieged by a five-year drought, and the climate change-related disruptions of our water cycles are only projected to worsen over the coming years.

This Saturday, October 24, we will put aside our political differences and gather on the receding shores of the Dead Sea, a shared natural resource and potential World Heritage site, to take a stand for a safe climate future.  We will form human chains in the shape of the “3,” “5,” and “0,” and create a photo montage that will be projected, along with photos from over 3,500 events around the world, in Times Square, New York.

At 12:00 we will gather at Ein Gedi Beach (Israel), Ein Feshka nature reserve (Palestine) and Wadi Almoujeb (Jordan) to stand for a safe climate future.

Contact Rachel ( for more information, and stay tuned for future updates!

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