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Support for FoEME is US tax-deductible!!

By: Max
December 29, 2011

With the end of the fiscal year upon us, you may need to squeeze in your tax-deductible donations before heading off to that New Year’s party…you can make an online donation right now which is US tax-deductible and help start the new year in a green way by helping build FoEME’s three EcoParks!

Here’s how it works:

You make a US tax-deductible donation through our website→ FoEME develops its EcoParks in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel → You’ve made a tax-deductible contribution and helped the people and environment here!!!

A gift of $36 can help FoEME plant two trees at the SHE EcoPark that

  • Rehabilitates land around the Ziglab dam and promotes environmental education in Jordan
  • Builds eco-tourism income for the area’s farmers

A gift of $100 can help FoEME buy embroidered wall hangings, pillowcases, and rugs produced locally for the Auja Environmental Center in the Palestinian village of Auja which

  • Supports women’s empowerment projects
  • Decorates the Center’s guesthouse and helps build eco-tourism income for the community

A gift of $180 or more can help FoEME buy a solar energy system for mud-brick education buildings at the Ein Gedi Eco-Center in Israel, and for SHE and Auja facilities, which

  • Supports education and environmental R&D initiatives in the region
  • Brings the region’s youth to cross-border meetings and encounter programs

A gift of any amount supports FoEME’s work for water justice in the Middle East.

Your donation may be made through our online donation page.

Best wishes for Water and Peace in the New Year 2012!

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