Sderot the Neighboring City to Gaza In my first week as an intern in the Tel Aviv office of EcoPeace Middle East, I was invited by EcoPeace Negev Community Coordinator Dr. Shlomit Tamari, to visit the area around Sderot, with two fellow interns. Sderot is an Israeli town located at the northern border with Gaza […]

Workshop on Empowering Young Women at SHE

A workshop has been held on 17-18th Feb 2017 as an activity related to the Good Water Neighbours project. The main theme was “Women empowerment and the role of women in local communities and in preserving water resources. A group of 20 girls from all over the Jordan Valley attended this workshop at SHE Park. […]

Popping the Bubble

This weekend I had the privilege of going to EcoPeace’s EcoPark in Ein Gedi along with a group of 22 Israeli teenage youth water trustees. Working in the office in Tel Aviv, I was becoming worried about getting stuck in a bubble where I’d see the issues that EcoPeace deals with, the talk of a […]

Reflection on my experiences at Auja EcoCenter

My journey with EcoPeace Middle East began with a chance encounter with a friend who alerted me of Gidon Bromberg’s upcoming presentation at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs. After years of watching countless stories of political conflict in the Middle East, I was amazed by the severity of the region’s environmental crises, the inspiring […]

Lessons Learned at the Berlin River Camp

The following is written by Liron, one of our water trustees who participated in the Berlin River Camp Water.  Think for a moment about the concept of water.  Think about the different uses we have for water.  Begin with drinking, then to washing in the bathroom to be clean, and then to the various uses […]

Sinkholes: Nature’s Payback

One might assume that the pictures in this blog were taken in Aleppo or in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil war. They were not. These pictures were taken on August the 23rd, 2015 in Ghor Mazraa, Jordan Valley. What was once part of a thriving agricultural community with well-paved well- lit roads, surrounded by banana fields, […]

Cross-border GWN trustees alumni activity at the Jordan River

Cross-border activity of GWN water trustees alumni at the Jordan River On May 29th, Good Water Neighbors (GWN) water trustees alumni and EcoPeace Middle East staff from Israel, Palestine, and Jordan came together at the Jordan River baptism site for our cross-border environmental education program. For political reasons, participants are not allowed to cross to the […]

FoEME/EcoPeace Cross-Border Tour in Salfit

In early February, EcoPeace organised a cross-border tour to the district of Salfit in the West Bank. It was attended by members of human rights activist group MaschomWatch and leaders from the Joint Services Council of Salfit district. The tour provided an opportunity to share knowledge, locate sources of water pollution in the Salfit district […]

Success is always a good story to tell: Good Water Neighbors Project (GWN) is one

  Success is always a good story to tell Good Water Neighbors Project (GWN) is a one   Mohammed T. Obidallah Palestinian Good Water Neighbors Project (GWN) Coordinator January 2015 In the heart of the Jordan River Valley, water is not only the lifeblood of expanding societies in an arid region – from the Jordan […]