Double Flush Toilets: Saving Water One Flush at a Time

Often, water savings happen during the most mundane of daily tasks: taking a shower, washing dishes, brushing teeth. Changing the way that we do these routine activities can have a big impact on the environment. Currently, you probably don’t devote a lot of thought to flushing the toilet. But 30% of household water is used […]

Support for FoEME is US tax-deductible!!

With the end of the fiscal year upon us, you may need to squeeze in your tax-deductible donations before heading off to that New Year’s party…you can make an online donation right now which is US tax-deductible and help start the new year in a green way by helping build FoEME’s three EcoParks!

Haven’t covered your holiday gifts yet? Share The Holiday Spirit With FoEME!!

Share The Holiday Spirit With FoEME!! By giving a FoEME gift to someone you love this holiday season, you can help build FoEME’s three EcoParks! Here’s how it works: You make a US tax-deductible donation through our website→ FoEME sends a handsome gift card by email → FoEME develops its EcoParks in Jordan, Palestine, and […]

Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection Gilad Erdan and Palestinian Minister of Water Dr. Shaddad Attilli Agreed on the Need to Reexamine the Operation and Structure of the Joint Water Committee

A heated discussion took place on Israeli Palestinian water issues today (Tuesday, December 13) at the Ashdod Sustainability Conference between the Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection, Gilad Erdan, and the Palestinian Minister of Water, Dr. Shaddad Attilli. This was the first time the Ministers met in Israel publicly to discuss issues in dispute between Israelis […]

Reemergence of Earth Construction

Changing the way we think about mud You can make adobe bricks, use it as a plaster, ram it, or dig into it. For centuries, all around the world, people have been building structures with earth. It is estimated today that about half of the world’s population, on six continents, either lives in or works […]

Gardening with Less Water: Xeriscape in Amman

If you and your family were setting out to sea indefinitely on a small ship that would receive limited deliveries of potable water once a week, chances are you wouldn’t plant a garden of hibiscus and bougainvillea on deck. Why not? Because it would be impractical: these ornamental plants guzzle fresh water. They would be […]

What is more important than bringing a smile to a child’s face? FoEME opens new playground at the Auja Environmental Center

Life hasn’t always been easy for the children of Auja, a small village located in the Palestinian Jordan Valley. Certainly a complicated subject underlined by unemployment, limited resources and few opportunities for leisure and play. When FoEME established our Auja Environmental Center(AEC) we aimed to advance environmental education and awareness on the Jordan Valley’s geology, […]