FoEME Cross Border Meeting – Hazard Tour in the area of Tsur Hadassah and Wadi Fukin

On December 22nd, FoEME led a “hazard tour” in the vicinity of 4 Palestinian villages of Wadi Fukin, Batir, Hussan and Nahalin. This area with its many springs developed a unique system of irrigated terraced agriculture based on canals bringing spring waters to pools for irrigating the terraced agricultural fields. The participants of this tour […]

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With the end of the fiscal year upon us, you may need to squeeze in your tax-deductible donations before heading off to that New Year’s party…you can make an online donation right now which is US tax-deductible and help start the new year in a green way by helping build FoEME’s three EcoParks!

Haven’t covered your holiday gifts yet? Share The Holiday Spirit With FoEME!!

Share The Holiday Spirit With FoEME!! By giving a FoEME gift to someone you love this holiday season, you can help build FoEME’s three EcoParks! Here’s how it works: You make a US tax-deductible donation through our website→ FoEME sends a handsome gift card by email → FoEME develops its EcoParks in Jordan, Palestine, and […]

Bedouin Communities in the Jordan Valley Face Threat of Mass Evictions

On 7 Dec. 2011, FoEME staff, along with a number of local human rights organizations, visited and surveyed bedouin encampment sites scheduled to be demolished. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Occupied Palestinian Territories, provides an information sheet on the topic with fast facts and a detailed map.

Cross border Farmers meeting in Ghor Mazra’a and Ghor Fifa

In recent years, communities surrounding the northern Dead Sea have been plagued by a severe house fly infestation. The lack of wastewater management has led to an insect infestation in the South Ghors Communities, as in many communities throughout the Jordan River Valley. This problem, discussed in FoEME’s 2007 publication “Identifying Common Environmental Problems and […]

First Eco Youth Camp at the Sharhabil ben Hassneh EcoPark

Between the cold, rain, and mud, FoEME’s Youth Water Trustees still found time to learn about green building methods last weekend at the Sharhabil ben Hassneh EcoPark. 24 students from six of our Good Water Neighbors communities travelled to the EcoPark to gain valuable ecobuilding skills and interact with their neighbors. This was the first […]

Friends of the Earth Middle East awarded the Mount Zion Award 2011!

Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) proudly announces that it is the recipient of the Mount Zion Award 2011! The award of the Mount Zion Foundation recognizes biannually the achievements of individuals and organizations that made an outstanding contribution to the enhancement of dialogue between the different religions and cultures in the Holy Land. […]