Birds of a Feather

Every year farmers in the Jordan Valley lose the majority of their crops to pests. Through regional cooperation between Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli farmers, a solution to the problem has been found in the form of none other than barn owls. In sharing and promoting the use of barn owls and kestrels as biological pest […]

Sealing The Pipes To Save Water In Palestine

To raise awareness about the region’s opportunities to conserve water in Palestine, Israel and Jordan, FoEME is launching campaigns to raise public awareness about important and eco-nomically sensible interventions that can be implemented to save water and increase the water supply to the Jordan River. In Palestine, although most of the population is connected to […]

The Iris of Jordan

When thinking of flowers the first thing that comes in mind is its bright, striking colors. However, the national flower of Jordan is the jet-black Iris.  Blooming in spring, this delicate flower can be seen near all of Jordan’s cities during its short season.  Still, the flower grows in abundance in particular on village roads […]

Interview with FoEME Staff Member Abdel Rahman Sultan

You already know about our mission.  Now it’s time to meet the men and women behind the curtain.  This is the third post in a series of interviews of FoEME staff and affiliates.  We hope you enjoy getting to know us better! Always an environmental activist, Abdel Rahman Sultan tells us a little bit about […]

Reflections of an Intern: A Day at the Sharhabil bin Hassan Eco-park

On the 12th of July, two fellow Jordanian student interns and I traveled with FoEME staff to the Sharhabil bin Hassan Eco-park in the northern part the Jordan Valley. We headed out early in the morning; the sun was luminous against the azure sky. As we traversed the long road to the Ghor, I enjoyed […]

Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan – Epiphany ceremonies all over the world

This week, all over the world, Christians are celebrating the Epiphany, also known as the Feast of Theophany. While the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches mainly celebrate the visit of the Biblical Magi to baby Jesus in Bethlehem, the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches celebrate the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist in the River Jordan. […]

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