“Throwaway societies” and the threat to future water supplies

In its daily production and consumption of goods and services, society generates wastes. This waste must be disposed of, often at locations other than where they were generated. Wastes are discharged into atmosphere, into surface and groundwater courses, and on the land. The enlightened communities of the world see a very clear sign to a […]

FoEME Cross Border Meeting – Hazard Tour in the area of Tsur Hadassah and Wadi Fukin

On December 22nd, FoEME led a “hazard tour” in the vicinity of 4 Palestinian villages of Wadi Fukin, Batir, Hussan and Nahalin. This area with its many springs developed a unique system of irrigated terraced agriculture based on canals bringing spring waters to pools for irrigating the terraced agricultural fields. The participants of this tour […]

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Haven’t covered your holiday gifts yet? Share The Holiday Spirit With FoEME!!

Share The Holiday Spirit With FoEME!! By giving a FoEME gift to someone you love this holiday season, you can help build FoEME’s three EcoParks! Here’s how it works: You make a US tax-deductible donation through our website→ FoEME sends a handsome gift card by email → FoEME develops its EcoParks in Jordan, Palestine, and […]

Reflections of a FoEME Intern

My time at FoEME has come to a close. It’s been an incredible summer. I want to reflect briefly on the work I’ve done here and the lessons I’ve taken away. While here I helped with a number of different projects. The one that took up most of time concerned measuring pollution risk to the […]

Auja Environment Center: A Spring of Youth and Environmental Innovation

This blog post was submitted by Jesse Baltutis, Intern at FoEME-Bethlehem Auja Environment Center, Jordan Valley, May 12, 2011 The promise of sweltering temperatures and an unrelenting sun did not materialize, but the promise of laughter, fun and smiles on the faces of Palestinian youth abounded. With almost 200 children from a variety of schools […]

FoEME films Water Trustees in the Jordan Valley

This blog post was contributed by Tamar Ariel, FoEME intern at our Tel Aviv office. On Tuesday September 21, 2010 Friends of Earth Middle East began filming in the Jordan Valley for a short educational movie it is creating about its activities, goals, and successes in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. Filming will also take place […]

FoEME’s CGIS Teenagers Take Responsibility for their Shared Environment

CGIS youth present their findings at a joint Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian camp. “I learned that you can cooperate with other people, even when there isn’t a common language and that a lot can be achieved if only we try.” — Hani, a 15 year old Palestinian boy responding to a CGIS activity evaluation question ‘What is the […]