My FoEME internship…time to look back

  After finishing my master’s degree in Physical Geography and Geoinformatics I was leaving Slovakia aiming to be active in implementing my academic knowledge and to learn more about problems with water management, pollution and treatment in the Middle East.

The last days of a FoEME research internship

Late August I started my internship position in Friends of the Earth Middle East’s Bethlehem office. Looking back on these past five months with Bethlehem now fully decorated for Christmas, I can’t really grasp the fact that time has passed so fast – I know it is a cliché, but a true one. Without a […]

Environmental Education

Although opinions differ about the existence of global warming, fact remains that human activity has a profound effect on our natural surroundings. These repercussions are potentially irreversible, and widespread. The clearest and most talked about example of such effects is of course the slow destruction of the Ozone layer. Additionally, human life and development have […]

Telling the Story of Auja’s water through the Auja Eco Center

Located in the Jordan Valley, North of Jericho, the municipality of Auja is facing environmental problems which are not unfamiliar to the region. The greatest obstacle in Auja is water scarcity, which is clearly manifested in the diminished flow of the Auja Spring, the main water source of the municipality.

Water conference makes for better neighbors

“Water” was the word on everyone’s lips at EcoPeace/Friends of the Earth Middle East’s Good Water Neighbors (GWN) conference staged in Jericho earlier this month. More than 250 representatives from Jordan, Palestine and Israel, along with international experts and scholars, gathered at Jericho’s InterContinental Hotel on September 11 and 12 to hear about the cross […]

A Multifaith Journey of Hope to Israel, Palestine and Jordan

From 23rd April 2012 – 3rd May 2012, a unique tour took place in Israel, Palestine and Jordan, organized by Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith, and facilitated by FoEME.  The tour group was comprised of members of Jewish, Islamic and Christian faiths, and focused on visiting sites that are important to all three major monotheistic religions.  […]

What is Permaculture?

From May 31st to June 15th, a permaculture design course was jointly hosted by The Green Platform (a young initiative that aims to raise environmental awareness in Jordan through visual and performing arts, creative campaigns and cultural events) and a local Jordanian NGO.  One FoEME staff member had the opportunity to participate in this important […]

“Water does not recognize borders” – Interview with FoEME staff Malek Abulfailat

You already know about our mission.  Now it’s time to meet the men and women behind the curtain.  This is the first post in a series of interviews of FoEME staff and affiliates.  We hope you enjoy getting to know us better! Community work, participation, improving water economy, rehabilitation through strategic planning, as well as […]

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