Deir Alla is Going Green!

The Eastern Jordan Valley is home to over 650,000 people, most of whom are spread out along the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. The Deir Alla municipality is an important but extremely underdeveloped community in the valley which is home to around sixty-five thousand people. Like much of the Jordan Valley, Deir Alla suffers […]

Climate March 2019

On the 29th of March 2019, EcoPeace staff participated in the Climate March, the largest environmental event in Israel organized by the municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and a group of major Israeli environmental organizations. Early in the morning, EcoPeace staff ran a booth in Meir Park to raise awareness about the effects of climate change […]

Ceremony to Honor Individuals that Aided Suffering Refugees

Sheikh Hussien, North Jordan (March 28th, 2019) – The Italian Embassy in Jordan, Gariwo, EcoPeace Middle East and the Governor of the North Shuna Directorate, honored two individuals, a Jordanian and an Italian, who have rescued and aided in reducing the suffering of refugees. The ceremony took place in the Sharhabiel bin Hassnah EcoPark. Major […]

EcoPeace’s workshop on ‘Water Security and Environmental Peacebuilding’

From the 10th to the 15th of December, EcoPeace hosted a first of its kind workshop on ‘Middle East Water Security and Environmental Peacebuilding’. Participants from all over the world flew to Jordan to partake in an educational exchange of experiences on the topic of sustainable water use and peacebuilding. The workshop took place at […]

Annual Regional Youth Girls Water Trustee Empowerment Camp

I had the great pleasure of attending the Annual Regional Youth Girls Water Trustee Empowerment Camp this weekend from the 2nd of august until the 4th of august 2018. The camp was held in the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Ecopark and centered around the issue of gender empowerment and environmental friendly behaviour, and was attended by Jordanian, […]

The Annual Regional Female Watershed Forum Training

On the 2nd week of July, EcoPeace held the Annual Regional Female Watershed Forum Training and I had the pleasure to take part as a “reporter”. The event gathered Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli with theme of advancing the role for women in environmental cooperation, shared water and sanitation projects of common concern. Bedouin Women x […]

Big Jump for The Jordan River

From the lowest point on earth, EcoPeace Middle East and peacemaker environmentalists from Jordan, Palestine and Israel took the opportunity to express their love and desire to protect and rehabilitate the lower Jordan River. The mighty Jordan River is no longer what it was sixty years ago, especially the lower part of the Jordan River […]


Sderot the Neighboring City to Gaza In my first week as an intern in the Tel Aviv office of EcoPeace Middle East, I was invited by EcoPeace Negev Community Coordinator Dr. Shlomit Tamari, to visit the area around Sderot, with two fellow interns. Sderot is an Israeli town located at the northern border with Gaza […]