Cross Border Water Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

Water Diplomacy Teacher's Training from Ecopeace Middle East

This is three-day exclusive training including workshops, lectures and hikes.

In this training you will get an overview of the water diplomacy curriculum, including virtual tools, to expand your knowledge of the main concepts in the field of conflict resolution and ecology with an emphasis on climate change.

You will also be exposed to new teaching skills adapted to 21 century challenges, including a simulation that examines the efforts to settle the historical conflict over the distribution of natural resources in the Middle East.

You will visit several sites in Israel directly related to the issue of cross border water resource management and learn about efforts by EcoPeace, to solve disputes through regional cooperation.

Who is this Training For?

This training has been designed specifically for Conflict Management and Resolution teachers, Diplomacy teachers and teachers who are interested in the field.

What Will You Learn?

  • Management and mismanagement of water: cooperation and conflict between stakeholders (for example the Lower Jordan River and the Alexander River).

  • Water security: water uses, water scarcity and water technology. Using the lenses of the environment, technology and negotiations.

  • Diplomacy and Negotiation of Transboundary Water Use: The Johnston Simulation, Conflict Transformation.

  • Regional cooperation: water used in religion and culture, pollution and restoration of streams, projects and tours.

  • The causes and effects of climate change.

  • Creating narratives as a method for Conflict Resolution.
This training will allow you to experience a wide range of teaching methods both in the classroom and the natural environment.

What's in the Program?

The training includes 3 full days of experiential learning – including full board accommodation at a guest house at Tabha on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. In addition, there will be 2 online meetings after working hours before and after the three-day seminar.

There will also be walking tours to several important cross border sites that are crucial to the understanding of the issue of Water Diplomacy including, Nahal Alexander, the Yad Hanna wastewater facility, the Lower Jordan river, Naharaim and Ramat Sirin.

The Schedule

The summer teacher’s training for 2024 will take place from Monday the 2nd of July until Wednesday the 4th of July.

There will be two further Zoom meetings on Tuesday the 25th of June from 17:00 to 20:00 and Sunday the 7th of July from 16:00 to 19:00.

How to Register

Please fill out the this form no later than the 1st of June.

Or use this QR code:

For further details or assistance please contact Julian Harel, the education coordinator, at 050-6966088 or