Waste(not)water for Agriculture

Reclaimed Water is Water for Farms Reclaimed water is wastewater that has been treated to improve its quality to render it usable to irrigate crops. Most of the crops grown in Palestine are rain-fed, which causes significant fluctuations in annual productivity[1]. However, supplementing rain-fed farming with irrigated farming using treated wastewater would greatly stabilize production.

Sealing The Pipes To Save Water In Palestine

To raise awareness about the region’s opportunities to conserve water in Palestine, Israel and Jordan, FoEME is launching campaigns to raise public awareness about important and eco-nomically sensible interventions that can be implemented to save water and increase the water supply to the Jordan River. In Palestine, although most of the population is connected to […]

Reflections on my internship with FoEME

During the first six months of my student exchange program from Germany I worked on an independent study completed in cooperation with Dr. Fischhendler from the Institute of Geography in the Hebrew University. It was, in fact, Dr. Fischhendler who suggested that I contact FoEME, after highlighting some of the major problems with water distribution and […]

Reflections of an American Intern with Friends of the Earth Middle East

I use my cab rides to practice Arabic. After a day or two interning with Friends of the Earth Middle East, I mastered a new Arabic script: a FoEME elevator pitch for cab drivers.  Oh, I heard about them on the radio, drivers would respond. I’ve interned with FoEME’s Amman office for the last two […]

Desalination: A Solution to Israel’s Water Woes?

Israel’s water supply is on the verge of a state of emergency. The Israeli government has proposed an increase in desalination as the solution, and has made a plan to greatly expand their desalination program by 2020. However, the human, environmental, and financial costs of this method have not been fully explored. In a recently […]

“Throwaway societies” and the threat to future water supplies

In its daily production and consumption of goods and services, society generates wastes. This waste must be disposed of, often at locations other than where they were generated. Wastes are discharged into atmosphere, into surface and groundwater courses, and on the land. The enlightened communities of the world see a very clear sign to a […]