Bedouin Communities in the Jordan Valley Face Threat of Mass Evictions

On 7 Dec. 2011, FoEME staff, along with a number of local human rights organizations, visited and surveyed bedouin encampment sites scheduled to be demolished. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Occupied Palestinian Territories, provides an information sheet on the topic with fast facts and a detailed map.

Reflections of a FoEME Intern

My time at FoEME has come to a close. It’s been an incredible summer. I want to reflect briefly on the work I’ve done here and the lessons I’ve taken away. While here I helped with a number of different projects. The one that took up most of time concerned measuring pollution risk to the […]

Eco-tourism workshop promotes cross-border cooperation for creative initiatives

As water becomes increasingly scarce, communities that once depended on agriculture for their income are finding it increasingly difficult to support themselves. Water scarcity in the region, and especially in the occupied Palestinian territories and Jordan, has already had a significant negative impact on communities and individuals, and will only increase with time. In an […]

Cut the Rhetoric: Don’t hold water hostage to the Middle East conflict

Gidon Bromberg, FoEME’s Israeli Director, responds to recent comments by Israeli officials regarding water in the West Bank Comments made recently by Israeli Minister of Infrastructure, Uzi Landau  (Israel Beitenu), that water supplies to Palestinians will be cut off if they do not treat their sewage, deserve condemnation. First, the Minister ignores the fact that […]