Parliamentarian Tour in South Ghor Municipality

The Housflies Problem 20th of February 2014 FoEME has organized a Parliamentarian tour to the South Ghor Municipality to attract their attention to one of the most urgent environmental problems; the houseflies problem. The tour included MP. Shadi AlAdwan, MP Mazen Jawazneh, MP Mefleh Eisheibat, Mr. Abdalla Mayta- Governor of South Ghor, Mr. Ahmad Oneh […]

Close encounters of the FoEME kind: GWN Youth Camps are set in motion!

Following the Regional Community Coordinators’ meeting in Jordan at FoEME’s SHE Eco-Park, and after weeks of careful planning, this year’s Good Water Neighbours Youth Camps were launched into existence on the weekend of January 16, 2014. The community groups travelled and divided into three locations: Beit Alpha (in the Spring Valley region), Baqa-Gharbia-Jat (near Wadi […]

“Water Can No Longer Wait” Declares FoEME at its Annual Good Water Neighbors Conference

An exceptional regional conference was held last week on November 13-14 in Herzliya by EcoPeace / Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME). The event was held in the framework of FoEME’s renowned “Good Water Neighbors” (GWN) project, a grassroots environmental peace building project that, for over a decade, has been bringing together community members […]