Cross-border GWN trustees alumni activity at the Jordan River

Cross-border activity of GWN water trustees alumni at the Jordan River On May 29th, Good Water Neighbors (GWN) water trustees alumni and EcoPeace Middle East staff from Israel, Palestine, and Jordan came together at the Jordan River baptism site for our cross-border environmental education program. For political reasons, participants are not allowed to cross to the […]

“Water Can No Longer Wait” Declares FoEME at its Annual Good Water Neighbors Conference

An exceptional regional conference was held last week on November 13-14 in Herzliya by EcoPeace / Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME). The event was held in the framework of FoEME’s renowned “Good Water Neighbors” (GWN) project, a grassroots environmental peace building project that, for over a decade, has been bringing together community members […]

FoEME Combats the Problem of House Flies in the Jordan Rift Valley

In an attempt to advance its Priority Project in the region of South Ghor in the Jordan River Valley, FoEME set up a meeting that included the governor of South Ghor Mr., Hussein Aldmour, South Ghor Mayer Mr., Ahmad Ouneh, representatives from the Ministry of Environment and  Head of Rangers including Eng., Khaled Alfayez, Dr. […]

Eco-facilities in the Jordan Rift Valley

Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) launched an initiative to develop a number of eco-facilities at local schools as an important component for the Good Water Neighbors Youth project. Eco-facilities serve to showcase water conservation techniques and educate communities on ecological building practices. In Jordan, eco-facilities have been constructed in all eight Good Water Neighbor […]

2013 GWN Regional Teachers Seminar

The Good Water Neighbors Regional Teachers Seminar was held this year in Aqaba with over 70 participants. FoEME staff, Community Coordinators, teachers, and members of national governments were present for the seminar that sought to coordinate and develop environmental communication and teaching methods. The seminar also introduced the FoEME Teachers Resource Guide in order to […]

GWN Youth Camp 2013!

Friends of the Earth Middle East’s Yearly Youth Camp As part of FoEME’s Good Water Neighbors youth program, yearly camps are organized that bring together youth from neighboring communities from Jordan, Palestine, and Israel to learn about their shared environment. This year, the camp was held in Alon Tavor Field School at the foot of […]

Water Treaties

Last week’s blog outlined the influence water can have on local security situations, specifically its role in conflicts in the Middle East. As the water wars rationale implies, these so-called water wars are based on water scarcity, competitive use and the countries being enemies due to a wider conflict. Picking up arms is not the […]

Water wars in the Middle East

“If many of the wars this century were about oil, those of the next century will be over water,”1 Ismail Serageldin, vice-president of the World Bank at the time, declared to Newsweek in 1995. Alongside the degradation of air quality and soil depletion, water resources’ quantity and quality are already defined as part of these […]

Cooperating over water, for the people of the Indus and Jordan River basins

Last month, FoEME had the pleasure to host Ahmad Rafay Alam, a Pakistani lawyer and environmental activist, advocate of the High Court and Vice President of the Pakistan Environmental Law Association. Rafay and his wife Aysha visited various GWN communities together with the Kosovar delegation, and on December 2nd, he gave a well-received lecture on […]