Come Kiss the Otter at FoEME and Global Nature Fund’s Green Week Booth in Brussels!

From May 22nd to May 25th, FoEME and its partner Global Nature Fund’s efforts to rehabilitate the Lower Jordan River will be spotlighted at the Green Week Conference in Brussels. This year the conference, aptly entitled “Every Drop Counts,” focuses on water; the FoEME and GNF booth will highlight the Lutra lutra, also known as […]

Climate Dots by the Dead Sea: May 5th, 2012. Come One, Come All!

What You Need to Know about the Dead Sea The Dead Sea is one of the wonders of the Middle East and the entire world.  Its surface is 421 meters below seas level, the lowest point on Earth’s surface.  It is shared by Jordan, Israel and Palestine.  The Dead Sea is major source of potash and […]