Keeping the Dam Clean

EcoPeace Middle East, the Waterkeeper for the Jordan River, organized a cleanup event at the Ziqlab dam and stream, a tributary of the Jordan River located in the Sheikh Hussein area of the Northern Jordan Valley, with youth from the local community and various other areas in Jordan. The objective of the event was to […]

Protection of the Environment and Biodiversity in Jordan (PROTEB)

  The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a resource limited country. There are plenty of problems in the region that should be solved. Some of these problems relate to the unpredictable increase in population growth in addition to the high percentage of refugee influx.  These factors lead to environmental pollution due to the increasing volumes […]

GWN Youth Camp 2013!

Friends of the Earth Middle East’s Yearly Youth Camp As part of FoEME’s Good Water Neighbors youth program, yearly camps are organized that bring together youth from neighboring communities from Jordan, Palestine, and Israel to learn about their shared environment. This year, the camp was held in Alon Tavor Field School at the foot of […]

The World of Reducing and Reusing

The problems with excessive waste are far from unique to Jordan or the region that FoEME works in so sharing FoEME’s experience and learning from best practices elsewhere in the world is an important part of our work.  From November 12 to 18 FoEME was invited by The East and West Center for Human Resource […]

Environmental Education

Although opinions differ about the existence of global warming, fact remains that human activity has a profound effect on our natural surroundings. These repercussions are potentially irreversible, and widespread. The clearest and most talked about example of such effects is of course the slow destruction of the Ozone layer. Additionally, human life and development have […]

Raising awareness one triathlon at a time

On the 30th of March, 2013, FoEME, in conjunction with Wild and Free Adventures and the Jordan Triathlon Federation will be organizing a triathlon at Ziglab Lake. By having this event at the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Ecopark FoEME hopes to create a greater awareness of the EcoPark, while Wild and Free Adventures also hopes to encourage […]

Waste(not)water for Agriculture

Reclaimed Water is Water for Farms Reclaimed water is wastewater that has been treated to improve its quality to render it usable to irrigate crops. Most of the crops grown in Palestine are rain-fed, which causes significant fluctuations in annual productivity[1]. However, supplementing rain-fed farming with irrigated farming using treated wastewater would greatly stabilize production.

Reflections of an Intern: A Day at the Sharhabil bin Hassan Eco-park

On the 12th of July, two fellow Jordanian student interns and I traveled with FoEME staff to the Sharhabil bin Hassan Eco-park in the northern part the Jordan Valley. We headed out early in the morning; the sun was luminous against the azure sky. As we traversed the long road to the Ghor, I enjoyed […]

Reflections on my internship with FoEME

During the first six months of my student exchange program from Germany I worked on an independent study completed in cooperation with Dr. Fischhendler from the Institute of Geography in the Hebrew University. It was, in fact, Dr. Fischhendler who suggested that I contact FoEME, after highlighting some of the major problems with water distribution and […]