Protection of the Environment and Biodiversity in Jordan (PROTEB)

  The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a resource limited country. There are plenty of problems in the region that should be solved. Some of these problems relate to the unpredictable increase in population growth in addition to the high percentage of refugee influx.  These factors lead to environmental pollution due to the increasing volumes […]

Learning about the Environmental Bonds between Japan and the Middle East

Kneeling on the Tatami in the community center of the village of Kosuge, situated in the mountains about 2 hours from Tokyo, Japan, we carefully watched how our hostess prepared Green Tea and taught us the ritual of the traditional tea ceremony. Dressed in a pretty Yukata (summer cotton Kimono) she explained to us the […]

Good Water Neighbors and Kosovo

This year Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) forged a partnership with the Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ), a non-governmental organization in Kosovo dedicated to increasing citizens’ participation in decision-making processes. Aiming to exchange experiences and share some of the lessons learned from 10 years of community based environmental peacemaking, FoEME’s Good Water Neighbors […]

A tour to a unique eco-cultural landscape, around the Palestinian village of Battir

On the 31st of August, a group of forty people participated in a tour jointly arranged by FoEME and the Jerusalem-based NGO Ir Amim, in the Palestinian villages of Walajeh and Battir. The visit was meant to raise awareness on the need to protect a unique cultural and heritage landscape, threatened by the Separation Barrier. Battir […]

Water conference makes for better neighbors

“Water” was the word on everyone’s lips at EcoPeace/Friends of the Earth Middle East’s Good Water Neighbors (GWN) conference staged in Jericho earlier this month. More than 250 representatives from Jordan, Palestine and Israel, along with international experts and scholars, gathered at Jericho’s InterContinental Hotel on September 11 and 12 to hear about the cross […]

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

If there’s one thing Jordan has plenty of, it’s sun. Its location on the world’s high solar radiation belt means the potential for solar energy production in Jordan is immense. Despite the fact that the country enjoys solar radiation of about 5-7kWh/m2/per day for about 300 days of the year, photovoltaic technology has been underutilized […]

Turning roofs green with vegetable gardens

Rooftop gardening is not a new idea: people from ancient Babylon, from the Roman city of Caesarea and many other places took advantage of their roof spaces to grow all kind of plants. This practice is gaining new popularity today, as cities grow and access to land for gardening is limited. Turning roofs green can […]

Sand Cats

Sand Cats are the only types of felines that are able to survive the arid, hot and dry weather of deserts. They live in the deserts of Mauritania, Jordan, Algeria, Iraq, Israel, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Niger, Egypt and the Western Sahara.  Sand Cats are able to endure temperatures ranging from -5 to 52 Celsius through […]

A Biosphere Reserve to protect the Dead Sea unique heritage?

Biosphere Reserves are sites established by countries and recognized under UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme to promote sustainable development based on local community efforts and sound science. They are places that seek to reconcile conservation of biological and cultural diversity and economic and social development through partnerships between people and nature, with cooperation […]