Jordan River

Regional NGO Masterplan

Unique in its natural and cultural wealth, the Jordan River is presently threatened by excessive water diversion, pollution and inappropriate development.

Of the 1.3 billion cubic meters of water that would naturally flow down the River Jordan to the Dead Sea each year, 96% is diverted for domestic and agricultural uses.

A regional integrated approach to water management issues in the Lower Jordan River Valley is desperately needed to repair and restore the once “mighty” river.

The Water & Environmental Development Organization / EcoPeace Middle East, together with consortium partners, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and Global Nature Fund (GNF) came together in 2012 to produce the “Regional NGO Master Plan: A Vision for the Lower Jordan River”, the first ever trans-boundary integrated master plan for the Jordan River.

The Regional NGO Master Plan:
A Vision for the Lower Jordan River

The Master Plan was developed around
7 strategic planning objectives:

1. Pollution Control
2. Sustainable Water Management and River Rehabilitation
3. Sustainable Agriculture
4. Jordan River Basin Governance
5. Ecological Rehabilitation
6. Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage Development
7. Urban and Infrastructure Development