Between the Climate Crisis and Economic Development

Conference: Gaza on the Brink – Navigating the Climate Crisis and Infrastructure Development

The ever-accelerating climate crisis has profound implications for our region, with the Gaza Strip poised at an especially critical juncture. In the upcoming decade, this crisis is projected to pose even more substantial challenges to civilian life and infrastructure of the Strip, presenting both risks and opportunities for the State of Israel.

Our exclusive conference, tailored for government officials, researchers, diplomats, local authorities, and civil society members, will delve into the pressing issues of water scarcity, energy, economic development, food security, and agriculture in the Gaza Strip. These challenges, heightened by climate change, carry significant implications for the State of Israel.

The conference day is divided into two segments:

Part I: Short Tour We’ll embark on a short tour that will include two stops – Zikim Beach and Erez Pass. This will provide context to the environmental and infrastructural challenges facing the Gaza Strip.

Part II: Conference Program The conference program will offer a comprehensive exploration of the critical topics at hand.

A centralized shuttle service will depart from Tel Aviv Savidor station at 08:00, returning at approximately 17:30 at the end of the day. Upon arrival at the conference venue, a light lunch will be served, offering a chance for networking and engaging discussions.

Join us for this vital event as we work together to tackle the complexities ahead and chart a sustainable path forward for both the Gaza Strip and the State of Israel.

A full agenda of the day can be found here.