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Big Jump for The Jordan River

By: Ecopeace Middle East
July 16, 2018

From the lowest point on earth, EcoPeace Middle East and peacemaker environmentalists from Jordan, Palestine and Israel took the opportunity to express their love and desire to protect and rehabilitate the lower Jordan River.


The mighty Jordan River is no longer what it was sixty years ago, especially the lower part of the Jordan River which is considered a trans-boundary river crossing Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. The lack of political maturity and wisdom between the neighboring countries caused catastrophic actions on the environment and water resources in Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. This crystallized in the end to become a “damming competition” with water diversions between the riparian countries on every Wadi, stream and tributary in this unique ecosystem.

Big Jump is an initiative of the European Rivers Network that supports efforts to bring life back to Europe’s Rivers, but supporting the Jordan River should be a case for everyone everywhere. A river deep with Islamic, Christian and Jewish traditions requires a true stand from decisionmakers on a regional and international level. In doing so, EcoPeace Middle East invites you to support our regional efforts toward a long-lasting peace between the nations and among the various traditions and beliefs.

Big jump this year took place in Wadi Ziglab at Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark, Jordan. Wadi Ziglab was an important tributary for the Lower Jordan River during the winter, but as water scarcity and population growth exponentially increased in Jordan, the Wadi was dammed in early 1960s to provide water for farmers and domestic use. This is one story of many of the Jordan River’s Wadis, streams and tributaries.

This article contributed by Eshak S. Al Guza'a, EcoPeace Middle East - Amman.

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