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Cross Border Visit to Jericho “Wadi Qelt”

By: Ecopeace Middle East
June 28, 2015

DSCN8368From the 16th to the 17th of June, a Jordanian delegation visited Jericho “Wadi Qelt” under EcoPeace‘s GWN’s Project. “Wadi Qelt, Wadi Sir Forum”.

The delegation, comprised of Wadi Sir Head of Directorate along with other Jordanian governmental representatives, met with their Palestinian counterparts to discuss the urgent challenges facing the water sector in the two countries most importantly the grievances of the Palestinian residents in the West Bank and the effect of the lands segmentation into area A, B, and C on water resources. Control over water resources was the most notable demand as it is the only mean to self-rule once the Palestinian state comes into being.

The visit aimed at cementing relationships between the countries in terms
of water related issues and discussing possible means of collaboration and exchange of experiences.

The delegates visited the municipality of Jericho to learn about the environmental challenges facing the valley especially pollution resulting from the Water Treatment Plant in Albeira and the surrounding settlements. They visited Jericho directorate for agriculture, a compost station, and a fish breeding farm. The visitors were also given an elaborate presentation about the Water Treatment Plant in Jericho to learn about the techniques used.

This post is contributed by Samar M. Salma Media & PR Officer

Media Department/ Amman

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