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Minister Perry in Jordan: “to Organize a Regional Conference As Soon As Possible”

By: Ecopeace Middle East
November 12, 2014

Dead Sea



Minister of Science and Technology Yaacov Perry delivered a diplomatic speech “10th of November” at the International Conference organized by EcoPeace Middle East in Jordan.

The event that promotes development and Rehabilitation of southern Jordan River was attended by representatives from the Jordanian government and Palestinian Authority who are both participating in the project as well as professionals and scientists from the region and around the world.DSCN6231

Against the backdrop of a 20-year peace treaty with Jordan, and as someone who was a high ranking official in the Israeli Security Forces during the Oslo Accords, Perry addressed his speech to the security situation in Jerusalem and called on the government of Israel to adopt the Saudi initiative and open a new diplomatic channel in the Middle East.

“Time has come to take up the challenge”, Perry said, “to take groundbreaking steps and adopt the Arab League Initiative in a frame of negotiations for a solution for the region, which will also lead to an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority”

Perry added that the best way to create new political opportunities is to organize a regional conference, “the moderate states in the region should act towards the organization of a comprehensive regional conference that will address advantageous cooperation between Israel and other states in many fields and will work to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We need to act in order to gather all sides as soon as possible, to initiate a long and meaningful process of sincere and true dialogue.”

Perry referred to the escalation in Jerusalem and North of Israel and said that “I would like to call for calm and bring back the stability and maintain mutual respect between religions. We should focus on common goals and find a way to resolve the dispute together.”DSCN6229

Minister of Science said regarding the trilateral project to rehabilitate the Jordan River: “The many studies conducted over the years indicate the immense economic benefits – ranging from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars a year, which will significantly improve the livelihood and welfare of the citizens of Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel. The success of the project will bring many advantages that exceed predictions in any economic analysis and will have huge ecological benefits.

Translated by Samar M. Salma, EcoPeace Middle East Media Officer at the Amman Office.

Photos by Samar M. Salma 

This post was published in Maariv, click on the link for the post in Hebrew

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