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Second Stakeholder Consultation Meeting for the Rehabilitation of the Jordan River Basin

By: Ecopeace Middle East
June 27, 2014


Amman, Jo

On another move towards the rehabilitation of the Jordan River Basin, Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) and its consortium partners from the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and Global Nature Fund (GNF) in collaboration with the Royal Haskoning DHV held its Second Stakeholder Consultation meeting on June the 26th.


The Jordanian NGO Master Plan for the Jordan River Basin identifies a set of feasible interventions that are expected to restore the basin’s environmental and ecological values within a realistic financial and economic framework. The interventions address the problems facing the Jordan Valley including Solid Waste Management, Sanitation, Agriculture and Farming Practices.


During the meeting, the interventions were evaluated to select the ones that meet future land and water requirements. It is anticipated that the Master Plan will advance peace, prosperity and sustainability in the lower Jordan Valley since it is steered by principles of sustainable development including environmental flows; a healthy eco-system; equitable sharing of water resources; free public accessibility for all nationalities within an appropriate security framework; and a healthy economic development perspective.

 This post is contributed by Samar M. Salma, FoEMEs Media Officer/PR and Projects Coordinator at the Amman Office. 

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