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Faithbased Tours to Rehabilitate the Jordan River, An Ongoing Success

By: Ecopeace Middle East
May 25, 2014


On the 6th of May, 2014 representatives from FoEME led a Muslim tour to the Jordan Valley. The tour is a part of the faithbased campaign launched by FoEME that targets religious leaders from the three Abrahamic faiths to raise awareness to the degradation of the Jordan River and the need  for its rehabilitation.DSC02236


The tour that included Imams, Muslim teachers and preachers aimed at educating about the importance of following the best environmental practices in Islam, it also aimed at raising awareness to the status of the Jordan River being sacred in the Quran.  The participants were introduced to  FoEME’s efforts to rehabilitate the Jordan River and the educational material produced to this end.


DSC02247The tour started from Abu Ubaidah Amr  Iben Al Jarrah shrine who was an Important- Sahabi-  or follower of  the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and one of his commanders who believed that the  Jordan River area is one of most important territories in the Islamic empire as explained by Mr., Na’im Al Na’im the director of the shrine.  FoEME representatives then discussed the importance of religious sites as educational hubs to raise environmental awareness and  to promote water conserving best practices. DSC02271 Then the tour headed to the Mouth of Jordan River whereby Ms., Anwar Abu Hamour FoEMEs Public Relations Officer  detailed explanation about the deterioration of the Jordan River and the impact it has on the Dead Sea. The tour concluded at the SHE Ecopark, a tangible evidence to the possible rehabilitation of the Jordan River once water conserving best practices are implemented by Mr., Othman Tawalbeh Ecopark manager.



This post is contributed by Eshak Alguza’a FoEMEs Jordan River Project Assistant Coordinator at the Amman Office. 

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