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By: Max
April 3, 2012

Test your knowledge: The Jordan EcoPark – Quiz!

FoEME administers EcoCenters and EcoParks in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. This quiz covers the Sharhabil Ben Hassneh EcoPark (SHE Park) in North Jordan. Test how much you know – or how good you are at guessing! 

Ziglab Dam Lake

1. Where is the SHE Park located?

a) In Saudi Arabia

b) Outer Space

c) Next to the globally famous Petra

d) In the Jordan Valley

2. What is so special about the SHE Park?

a) US-Actor Bruce Willis comes here every summer for intensive sunbathing

b) Jordan’s only place that was totally degraded and then was changed into a protected EcoPark

c) Many guide books aboutJordandid not change the names yet, but SHEPark was called “Wadi Rum” before

d) The Teletubbies are hiding here

3. What is the major aim of the SHE Park?

a) Preserve ecologically important habitats and raise awareness of shared environmental concerns, also cross-border

b) Invite international politicians to create a nuclear dumping place so that at least their countries’ nuclear problem is solved

c) Make plans to create the world’s largest sustainable swimming pool

d) Use the whole area to plant the biggest trees in the world and call it the “Arab Amazon”


4. What kind of eco-tourism does SHEPark offer?

a) Drive with Diesel truck to Israeli border crossing, 5 Minutes away from SHEPark

b) Eco-tourism? Whatever, just dump as much as you want.

c) One free camel ride, two beef sausages and happy sheep crossing your way

d) Eco-lodges, walking trails, environmental education and participation of locals

5. Which sightseeing points are in the area?

a) The famous Tower of Truth, which King Arthur built during the time of Crusaders

b) Ancient Azraq Castle, desert and other locations of culinary and financial importance

c) AncientPella, Umm Qais and other locations of historical and religious importance

d) China

6. When is the best season to visit theSHEPark?

a) Never miss June – September, the most refreshing time in the JordanValley, with many warmth loving animals and plants around

b) During February – April and October – November you can see colorful plants and also many visiting migratory birds

c) Are you crazy?! It’s freezing all year! You’re better off on the North Pole!

d) 2009 was raining all year long, so probably 2012 will be the same


1d, 2b, 3a, 4d, 5c, 6b

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