Test your knowledge: The Palestine EcoCenter – Quiz!

By: Max
April 2, 2012

FoEME runs EcoCenters and EcoParks in Palestine, Jordan, and Israel. This quiz covers the Al Auja Environmental Center and the town of Al Auja itself next to Jericho,Palestine. Test how much you know – or how good you are at guessing!

1. Where are the town Al Auja and Auja Environmental Center located?

a) Between France and Italy

b) In Egypt

c) In the Jordan Valley

d) In the Negev Desert

2. What group is a part of the 5000-member Al Auja community?

a) About 1,000 Bedouins

b) More than 2,000 Hippies

c) 2,500,000 Europeans

d) The Queen of England

3. What was Al Auja known for in earlier times?

a) For the September Crossing: 100,000 camels pass this town every autumn to reach the Al Auja spring

b) For agricultural products like bananas and oranges: The Al Auja spring was main the source of irrigation for local farmers

c) For the Falafel Festival: On 12 April, people all over the country come to Al Auja to taste the traditional food

d) For the World Record of the Longest Beard: Farmer Mohammad Abu Shanab has a white beard of 70 meters in length

4. Which environmental problems does Al Auja face now?

a) Overflow of Al Auja Spring but no budget for dam building

b) Lions migrate to Al Auja because in Africa, there is not enough water

c) Extreme water shortage and over-extraction of groundwater

d) None, Al Auja got the “Green Paradise 2011” Award by the International Community

5. What is the aim of the Al Auja Environmental Center?

a) Get travelers quickly out of theMiddle East

b) Inform and educate people about the water and environmental situation in the JordanValley

c) Estimate the proportion of the average Palestinian water user and multiply it with the average global citizen energy expert to get the total of the annual world waste use

d) Make parties all night long and annoy the neighbors

6. Has Al Auja Environmental Center started an eco-tourism program?

a) Yes, accommodation, food, hiking trips, cultural experience and more is available

b) Of course food – the next international burger place is just around the corner!

c) Only in the form of visitors sleeping with the camels in the cottage – for the authentic Middle Eastern feeling

d) No, why should they, what is this center for?



1c, 2a, 3b, 4c, 5b, 6a

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