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World Water Day 2011 in Palestine

By: Max
May 3, 2011

As a part of Friends of the Earth Middle East ‘Good Water Neighbours’ project, on World Water Day, March 22nd 2011, the Palestinian Water Trustees Groups did several activities to raise awareness of this important day in their communities.

In Tulkarem (North West Palestine), the water trustee group arranged a full day event including a photo gallery inside the school for Zomar Valley, and a lecture by the Palestinian Ministry of Education about water importance and ways of rationalizing consumption. The Water Trustees Group also invited a municipality member to talk about water reality in the city and, finally to end the day there was a walk through the Neighbours Path of Tulkarem and the Zomar Valley.

Palestine - world water day - west bank - good water neighbours

In Jericho the Water Trustee Group walked through Al-Qelt Valley and visited the filter station that filters the water of Wadi Al-Qelt and disinfect the wells with chlorine.

In Yatta the group distributed chlorine to the water wells in the houses and they arranged a cleaning campaign and also planted trees in the school garden.

In Surbaher, the group of Water Trustees arranged a tour to the Kidron Valley and visited all the wells in the area and ended the activity in the Experimental School in Mamilla, the neighboring community.

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