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EU Parliament Supports the Rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River

By: Max
April 26, 2011

Building on the support gained from the September 9th, 2010 EU resolution (initiated by leaders of the Group of Socialists and Democrats with strong support from all major parties in the EU Parliament) calling on leaders in the Middle East to address the state of the Jordan River, and which called upon the European Commission to consider allocation of financial resources to help rehabilitate the river, the EU Parliament adopted a resolution on 7th of April 2011 on the ‘review of the European Neighbourhood Policy – Southern Dimension’. This will include, as a follow-up to the resolution on the Jordan River adopted last year, the following text:

“Reiterates its call on the Council, the Commission and the EU Member States to encourage and support a comprehensive plan to rectify the devastation of the Jordan River and to continue to provide financial and technical support for the rehabilitation of the river, and the Lower Jordan River in particular, also in the the framework of the UfM”

FoEME-Jordan River-Rehabilitation-EU Parliament

More on the resolution can be found here:


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