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Jordanian Youth Create Posters, Raise Awareness about Climate Change

By: Max
December 8, 2009

With the international climate talks in Copenhagen, Denmark underway, we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight the efforts of more than 100 Jordanian youngsters who used their creativity to help stop catastrophic climate change.

This past month FoEME’s Amman office partnered with UNESCO to run poster competition to increase awareness about the impact of climate change on local and global water resources.  FoEME distributed the competetion advertisement in newspapers and in our Good Water Neighbor communities, and receied over 100 entries.

An internal commiittee chose the best fifteen poster to exhibit at UNESCO’s Climate Change Conference on November 24.  The conference participants voted to chose the winning posters.

The 1st place poster by Mohammad Al Omari is pictured above.  To see the rest, visit FoEME’s new Flickr photstream here.

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