Green Social Entrepreneurship Track 2021-2022

Are you a young professional who wants to engage in environmental and social environmental entrepreneurship and generate innovative solutions to environmental / regional challenges? 

This program could be for you!

The new Green Social Entrepreneurship Track is a 10-month ideation and pre-incubation cross-border program, promoting green entrepreneurship in Jordan, Palestine and Israel. This unique program includes advanced training modules, business and operational coaching, as well as tailored consulting by sector experts to help you gain professional orientation, build entrepreneurial and regional communication skills. 

Entrepreneurs will be provided with the necessary skills to start innovative green enterprises that generate significant social and economic value, and help develop a green entrepreneurial culture in the region. To achieve this, they will receive the following specialized business development support:

  1. Intensive Design Labs (September 2021)
    At the outset of the program, participants will undertake a 2-day national training that combines a practical assessment of challenges in the water and environmental sector, with design thinking approaches, to provide useful knowledge of innovation processes and solution-oriented thinking.

  2. Regional Workshop (November 2021)
    The regional workshop will provide content and case examples on regional environmental development and opportunities for collaboration. As a networking event, the workshop will also provide the ground for teambuilding and cross-border collaboration beyond the scope of the program. Moreover, the ideas that have been generated in the design lab training, will be further developed in a dedicated prototyping and testing session. They will be transferred into a tangible prototype, which is then presented and tested with potential users and clients. The aim is to find out if the prototype really corresponds with the needs of the potential users. This step is crucial before entering the business development process and avoids further efforts being invested in ideas without a strong market fit.

  3. Prototype testing and coaching support (DATE –TBD)
    The actual prototype will be market tested. Upon testing and collection of user feedback, the participant(s) responsible for an idea and prototype will need to incorporate customer feedback, which could lead to minor modification of ideas or sometimes even radical pivots. This step is key to provide the basis for the next phase (transition of refined and tested business ideas into viable business models).

  4. National Business Development Trainings (DATE –TBD)
    In this 3-day national training, validated business ideas will be transferred into initial business models. Among other tools, trainers will apply the Business Model Canvas, a strategic management tool to structure and visualize the key elements of a business. The focus will be on developing strategic aspects of a business model, including specific value propositions for defined customer segments and models for revenue generation. Participants will further work on the development of technical concepts, operational aspects of their business and the application of basic financial tools. This is the first step in a long process, since developing successful business models is an on-going learning process, requiring continuous validation and adaptation to market needs.

  5. Second Regional Workshop and Demo Day (DATE –TBD)
    The second regional workshop and demo day will be used to enhance coaching on specific topics, while engaging external experts for networking and matchmaking purposes. The showcase event (Demo Day) will foster the engagement of partners and support the visibility of entrepreneurs and their solutions.

  6. Continuous coaching and matchmaking support
    Expert coaches and mentors are there to help make things happen! In individual coaching sessions, they deliver practical advice, introductions and connections.


To be considered for the Green Social Entrepreneurship Track, applicants will need to complete the online application form by 30/6/2012

Criteria for selection:

  • Age: 21-35 years
  • Good command of English (trainings are held in English)
  • Experience and qualifications (knowledge and interest in business, water, sustainable development, social and environmental entrepreneurship, green tech or other related topics) 
  • Motivation and strong will to exchange and collaborate across borders must be clearly outlined
  • Willingness to work with a team
  • Creativity, out-of-the box / innovative thinking
  • Intention to become an environmental start-up entrepreneur