Calls for Bids

EcoPeace Middle East is a unique organization that consists of an outstanding team of environmentalists. Our primary objective is the promotion of cooperative efforts to protect our shared environmental heritage. In so doing, we are seeking to advance both sustainable regional development and the creation of necessary conditions for a long lasting peace in our region. Our projects are mainly located in the Jordan River Valley and one of our newest projects is building a constructed wetland to treat the domestic wastewater that is generated in the ecological park –The Jordan EcoPark. That being said, EcoPeace Middle East Environmental – Jordan, is inviting the interested companies to apply for Call for Bidders. Find more about the Call for Bidders by clicking on the links below:

The deadline to submit the tenders is January 26th, 2020. If you are interested and wishing to apply please contact us on this Email: .

We’re about to create something really environmentally friendly, STAY TUNED!