April 4, 2006 – EcoPeace Middle East awarded ENERGY GLOBE PRIZE

EcoPeace Middle East awarded ENERGY GLOBE PRIZE

April 4, 2006

At a gala ceremony in Vancouver, Canada, EcoPeace Middle East’s “Good Water Makes Good Neighbors” project was awarded the Energy Globe Honorary Water Award!

The Energy Globe Awards are presented to the best-implemented environmental projects from around the world, which contribute to the protection of the four basic elements of life; earth, fire (energy), water and air. 700 projects world-wide were submitted to this prestigious European Environmental “Award for Sustainability”.

The “Good Water Makes Good Neighbors” (GWN) project is a community based project focused on cross border Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian neighboring communities that share a common water source. The project has focused on hundreds of youth and adults in the communities raising awareness about the water reality of the other side and the opportunities to improve our water and environmental realities by working together.

See www.energyglobe.com for more info about the prize, and www.ecopeaceme.org under Projects – Good Water Neighbors for more info about the project.

EcoPeace Middle East is a regional organization of Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian environmentalists that work on trans-boundary water, environment and peace issues.

For more information, please contact Mira Edelstein at 054-6392937, mira@d3pavj8am0f09w.cloudfront.net