EcoPeace in the News

Below are recent articles and news items written about EcoPeace Middle East, in chronological order (most recent on top), regarding all our projects…

May 22, 2018, New York Times
Hamas, Netanyahu and Mother Nature
by Thomas Friedman

April 2, 2018, The Hill
Beating pandemic disease in Gaza
Op-ed by Gidon Bromberg, Nada Majdalani, Munqeth Mehyar

February 21, 2018, Happy Trips
Slow disappearance of Dead Sea raises alarm
by Resham Sengar

February 6, 2018, New York Times
Everyone is Going All the Way
by Thomas Friedman

February 2, 2018, Reuters
Commentary: To make peace in the Middle East, focus first on water
by Gidon Bromberg, Nada Majdalani, Munqeth Mehyar

January 29, 2018, Haaretz
Jerusalem Suburb’s Expansion Threatens to Flood Small Palestinian Village
by Nir Hasson

January 20, 2018, Czech TV 24 (in Czech)
The Israeli water miracle for the current drought is not enough; we need to combine forces of the entire region

January 18, 2018, +61J
Water, sewage, and disease do not recognise the Green Line
by Eetta Prince-Gibson

December 6, 2017, Israel 21c
EcoPeace Middle East wins 2 Prestigious Prizes

December 2, 2017, The Economist
Jordan’s water crisis is made worse by a feud with Israel

November 30, 2017, CCTV (Chinese TV)
A Diplomatic Storm Threatens the Red Sea Dead Sea Project

November 28, 2017, Geneva Center for Security Policy
EcoPeace Middle East Wins GCSP 2017 Prize for Innovation in Global Security

November 6, 2017, Foreign & Commonwealth Office blog
The Environment Knows No Borders: A Tour of the Gaza-Israeli Border with EcoPeace
by Lara Krasnostein

October 31, 2017, New York Times
Jordan Water Crisis Worsens as Mideast Tensions Slow Action
(or here if the above link doesn’t work)
by AP

October 31, 2017, San Francisco Chronicle
Jordan Water Crisis Worsens as Mideast Tensions Slow Action
By Karin Laub, Associated Press

October 31, 2017, ABC News
Jordan Water Crisis Worsens as Mideast Tensions Slow Action
by Karin Laub, AP

October 31, 2017, Fox News
Jordan Water Crisis Worsens as Mideast Tensions Slow Action
by Karin Laub, AP

October 2017, American Diplomany
Water as a basic human right within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
by Erika Weinthal

September 3, 2017, CNN
Israeli Mayors call on US to solve Gaza’s electricity crisis
by Oren Liebermann and Abeer Salman

August 30, 2017, Jerusalem Post
COGAT works to thwart disease from sewage pollution
by Tovah Lazaroff

August 1, 2017, TT Nyhetsbyron (Swedish)
Dirty water “ticking bomb” in Gaza
by Sofia Ericksson

July 18, 2017, The Media Line
Palestinian Sewage Polluting Israeli Streams
by Linda Gradstein

July 14, 2017, Jerusalem Post
PA, Gaza to get more H20 under Red-Dead Water Sharing Agreement
by Sharon Udasin

July 13, 2017, The Times of Israel
Israel, Palestinians reach landmark water deal for West Bank, Gaza
by Raphael Ahren and Melanie Lidman

July 13, 2017, New York Daily News
Trump envoy helps broker Israeli-Palestinian water deal
by AP

July 13, 2017, The Los Angeles Times
Israelis and Palestinians agree to water deal to help communities suffering chronic shortages
by Joshua Mitnick

July 13, 2017, The Tower
U.S. Announces Landmark Water Deal Between Israel, Palestinian Authority

July 6, 2017, Jerusalem Post
Gaza Sewage Forces Shutdown of Israeli Beach
by Sharon Udasin and Tovah Lazaroff

July 6, 2017, Haaretz
Electricity Shortages in Gaza Lead to Beach Pollution Just Over the Border in Israel
by Almog Ben Zikri

July 5, 2017, Walla News (Hebrew)
Danger to bathers: Due to pollution from Gaza, at least 2 Israeli southern beaches closed
by Yanir Yigneh

June 20, 2017, Jerusalem Post
Raw Sewage Seeps Out of Gaza as Electricity Supplies Dwindle
by Sharon Udasin

June 7, 2017, New Jersey Jewish News
Could Trump steer Israel and the Palestinians onto the road to peace?
by Martin J. Raffel

May 28, 2017, Ynet (Hebrew)
Preventing a Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, an Israeli Interest
(click here for an English translation)
by Yair Farjun

May 21, 2017, Jerusalem Post
US Congress Members Lobby Trump on Israeli-Palestinian Water Issues
by Sharon Udasin

May 16, 2017, Jerusalem Post
Cross-Border Water Pollution Threatens Israeli Security, Watchdog Says
by Sharon Udasin

May 4, 2017, Jerusalem Post
Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian Venture Seeks Help on Gaza Resource Crisis
by Sharon Udasin

March 23, 2017, Jerusalem Post
A Regional Water Superpower
by Natan Odenheimer

March 21, 2017, Deutsche Welle, German news
Can the dying Dead Sea be saved?
by Greg Norman

March 17, 2017, i24 news
Daily Dose –  Earth View (Dead Sea item)
with Yael Lavie, and Daniel Roth

February 15, 2017, Science Alert
28 People Swam Across the Dead Sea to Prove a Point About the Environment
by Talia Lakritz

February 13, 2017, Times of Israel
As the Dead Sea dries, its collapsing shores force a return to nature
by Melanie Lidman

February 9, 2017, Business Insider
People swam in the deadliest sea on Earth to prove a point about the environment
by Talia Lakritz

February 2, 2017, Bloomberg News
How Do Israel’s Tech Firms Do Business in Saudi Arabia? Very Quietly
by Jonathan Ferziger and Peter Waldman

December 23, 2016, Social Entrepreneurship
Connecting Environmental Protection and Peace in the Middle East
by Tony Loyd

December 19, 2016, Jerusalem Post
A fresh look at Israeli/Palestinian freshwater issues
by Wendy B. Jacbos, Robert C. Bordone, Hrafnhildur Bragadottir

December 15, 2016, Calcalist (Hebrew)
Reviving the Dead Sea
by Ari Livsker

December 14, 2016, i24 News (French)
Do we have the power to save the Dead Sea?
by Paul Amar

December 13, 2016, Artuz 9 Radio (Russian)
Israeli MK Erel Margalit on EcoPeace conference

December 9, 2016, Hamodiya  (Hebrew)
Pumping water from the Kinneret
by Yisrael Hershkovitz

December 9, 2016, Jerusalem Post
Peace process should not be ‘all or nothing,’ says EU ambassador
by Sharon Udasin

December 5, 2016, Fokus Jerusalem (German TV)
Dead Sea Swim
(Scroll to Minute 12:30)

November 29, 2016, International Business Times
Dead Sea: Here’s why it’s nearing inevitable death!
by Nupur Jha

November 27, 2016, The Weather Network
The dying Dead Sea: Why it’s drying up at an alarming rate
by Reuters

November 26, 2016, (French)
Huge fires in Israel, fueled by global warming
by Marine Vlahovic

November 24, 2016, The Tech Times
The Dead Sea Is Dying: World’s Saltiest Salt Lake Shrinking 3 Feet Every Year, Says Environmental Group
By Kalyan Kumar

November 23, 2016, International Business Times
Why Is the Dead Sea Dying? World’s Lowest Point Drying Out At Alarming Rate
By Himanshu Goenka

November 23, 2016, News Blaze
Dead Sea Shrinking at Alarming Rate
By Mina Fabulous

SPECIAL: A compilation of media coverage of the DEAD SEA SWIM event, held on November 15, 2016 – a first time ever event that EcoPeace helped to organize:

DEAD SEA SWIM CLIP – by Tsafrir Or

DEAD SEA SWIM CLIP – by MadSwimmers

November 22, 2016, Pretoria East Rekord
Local sets new record for lowest swim in history

November 21, 2016, Czech TV
The Dead Sea is Dying Quickly

November 20, 2016, Travelers Today
Dead Sea Receives Rescue By Swimmers And Organizations; Raises Awareness On Sea’s Degradation
by Jeon Camille

November 19, 2016, Jerusalem Post
The Dead Sea’s right to life
by Amotz Asa-el

November 18, 2016, Channel 10 Israel TV (Hebrew)
At the Lowest Place on Earth: A group of swimmers swam across the Dead Sea for the first time – in impossible conditions
by Itai Vered

November 18, 2016, Yisrael Hayom (Hebrew)
A Sea Legend
by Ron Pony

November 17, 2016, Maariv (Hebrew)
Fix what we destroyed: Swam from Jordan to Israel and made history
by Tamar Dressler

November 17, 2016, NOS Netherlands (Dutch)
The Dead Sea Swim is “absolutely crazy, but fantastic”
from Reuters

November 17, 2016, B92 (Serbian)
Swimmers: 7 hours of agony for a historic endeavor

November 17, 2016, RAI TV (Italian)
Dead Sea Swim
(scroll to minute 14:10)

November 17, 2016, Stuff (New Zealand)
Kiwi Kim Chambers among swimmers who made first Dead Sea crossing in eco campaign
Nir Elias

November 17, 2016, The Insider
People swam in the deadliest sea on Earth to prove a point about the environment
by Talia Lakrtiz

November 16, 2016, Internazionale (Italian)
Swim for the Environment
November 16, 2016, TGcom24 (Italian)
30 swimmers sound the alarm bell about the declining Dead Sea

November 16, 2016, Al Jazeera
Dead Sea swim spotlights environmental concerns
by Tony Birtley

November 15, 2016, Associated Press
Swimmers complete 7-hour crawl across shrinking Dead Sea (1st item)
by Sam McNeil

November 15, 2016, Associated Press
Swimmers complete 7-hour crawl across shrinking Dead Sea (2nd item)
by Sam McNeil

November 15, 2016, Reuters
Braving the Dead Sea (1st item – photos & captions)
Photographer Nir Elias

November 15, 2016, Reuters
Swimmers brave first Dead Sea crossing in eco campaign (2nd item – photos & text)
by Nir Elias

November 15, 2016, CNN
Dead Sea dip: Swimmers endure salty agony to highlight disappearing wonder
by Oren Liebermann

November 15, 2016, Chicago Tribune
Swimmers complete 7-hour crawl across salty, shrinking Dead Sea

November 15, 2016, BBC
Swimmers attempt to cross Dead Sea

November 15, 2016, The Independent
Swimmers cross Dead Sea to highlight shrinking water surface
by Gabriel Samuels

November 15, 2016, The Telegraph
Swimmers complete seven-hour journey across shrinking Dead Sea

November 15, 2016, CBS News
Swimmers complete 7-hour crawl across shrinking Dead Sea
by AP

November 15, 2016, Business Insider
Swimmers brave first Dead Sea crossing in eco campaign
by Nir Elias

November 15, 2016, The Times of Israel
Swimmers prove their salt in 7-hour crawl across shrinking Dead Sea
video by Iacopo Luzi

November 15, 2016, USA Today
Group Tries to Swim Across the Dead Sea

November 15, 2016, Jerusalem Post
Swimmers campaign to save Dead Sea from disappearing
by Sharon Udasin

November 15, 2016, Mail Online
Swimmers Complete 7-hour Crawl Across Shrinking Dead Sea
by AP

November 15, 2016, Daily News of Open Water Swimming
EcoPeace Sees Swimmers’ Global Support Of The Dead Sea

November 16, 2016, The Daily News of Open Water Swimming
Jackie Cobell Continues Swims In Unprecedented Locations

November 15, 2016, Middle East Online
Swimmers cross shrinking Dead Sea

November 15, 2016, Fox News
Swimmers attempt 7-hour crawl across shrinking Dead Sea
by AP

November 15, 2016, Haaretz
Swimmers cross Dead Sea for first time, carefully
by Uri Talshir

November 15, 2016,Haaretz (Hebrew)
Swimming 16 km from Jordan to Israel in the lowest, saltiest place on Earth
by Uri Tashlir

November 15, 2016, (Hebrew)
In order to save it: First time ever swimmers cross the Dead Sea
by Alexandra Lokesh and Ilana Korial

November 15, 2016, (Hebrew)
They did the impossible: for the first time ever, swimmers swam across the Dead Sea
by Yair Kraus

November 15, 2016, Davar Rishon (Hebrew)
The Disappearing Sea

November 15, 2016, 93fm radio (Hebrew)
A group of International Swimmers risk their lives and swim across the Dead Sea
by Tzvi Hadas

November 15, 2016, Reshet Bet Radio (Hebrew)
The Dead Sea is receding by 1.2 meters a year: 30 swimmers from around the world swam across the Dead Sea today
by Guy Kotev

November 15, 2016, Radio 99 (Hebrew)
Crossing the Dead Sea – 30 swimmers from around the world swam across the Dead Sea

November 15, 2016, Israel Today (Hebrew)
Making History to Save a Disappearing Sea

November 15, 2016, Mood Reshet TV (Hebrew)
Risked their lives swimming from Jordan to Israel

November 15, 2016, Channel 1 TV (Hebrew)
Six o’clock with Sivan Rahav Meir – Dead Sea Swim
(scroll to minute 29:00)

November 15, 2016, Shvoong (Hebrew)
After a 7-hour swim in the Dead Sea: “We are the last generation that can stop the demise of the Dead Sea”
by Erin Hershlag

November 15, 2016, Shvoong (item #2) (Hebrew)
Making History: 30 swimmers swimming across the Dead Sea from Jordan to Israel
by Danny Burshevsky

November 15, 2016, Khaberni (Arabic)
Swimmers swim across the Dead Sea

November 15, 2016, Al Rai (Arabic)
Swimmers crossing the Dead Sea for the first time

November 15, 2016, Panet (Arabic)
From Jordan to Israel .. activists swim across the Dead Sea

November 15, 2016, ARD German TV (German)
Environmental Activists at the Dead Sea (scroll to minute 5:00)

November 15, 2016, ARD German News (German)
Floating through the Dead Sea
by Susanne Glass

November 16, 2016, Fokus Jerusalem (German)
Extreme swimmers cross the Dead Sea
by Tanja Dennig

November 15, 2016, ZDF TV (German)
Swimming for the Dead Sea

November 15, 2016, Frankfurter Rundschau (German)
Swimming against desolation
by Inge Gunther

November 15, 2016, RTVE Spanish TV (Spanish)
Save the Dead Sea (scroll to minute 17:02)
by Oscar Mijallo

November 15, 2016, Polish News (Polish)
They swam across the Dead Sea to save it


November 3, 2016, Environmental Peacebuilding
Environmental Peacebuilding in the Lower Jordan Valley

November 1, 2016, Jerusalem Post
Environmental coexistence
by JPost Editorial

October 16, 2016, German TV
The Lower Jordan River (scroll to minute 04:00 – item ends at 12:20)
by Fokus Jerusalem

October 5, 2016,
Roll, Jordan, roll
by Mordechai Specktor

September 22, 2016, Science Magazine
Can a controversial canal stop thousands of sinkholes from forming around the Dead Sea?
by Elizabeth Deatrick

September 20, 2016, National Post
Barbara Kay: Israel’s victory over drought
by Barbara Kay

September 20, 2016, The Jordan Times
Water — imperative for development and security
by Erik Ullenhag and Anders Jägerskog

September 18, 2016, TImes of Israel
Israelis, Palestinians tackle water shortage with tech
by Shoshana Solomon

September 14, 2016, Gov.UK
UK hosts rare Israeli-Arab conference on water innovation

August 24, 2016, Global Waters Radio
Global Waters Radio: Nader Al-Khateeb on West Bank Water Security and the Deir Sha’ar Pipeline
by USAID Water Team

August 17, 2016, PBS
The Death of the Dead Sea
by Elisa Oddone

August 16, 2016, The Jewish Week
A Solution to the Water Crisis?
By Nathan Jeffay

August 11, 2016, The Jewish Chronicle on-line
How Israel became a water-surplus nation
by Nathan Jeffay

August 5, 2016, Jerusalem Post
Gaza sewage plant will receive electricity from Israel
by Sharon Udasin

August 4, 2016, Ha’aretz (Hebrew)
Water Crisis in Gaza: Epidemics and infections within Israel, and Gazans to amass at the fence
by Neta Ahituv

August 4, 2016, Jerusalem Post
As Kinneret water level plummets, residents fear effects of prolonged drought
by Sharon Udasin

July 28, 2016, Globes
US Congressmen: Gaza pollution threatens Israel
by Nadav Shetreet

July 28, 2016, Hamodia
Gaza Sewage Crisis Rouses Congress
by Hamodia Staff

July 25, 2016, Circle of Blue
Israel’s Mediterranean Desalination Plants Shift Regional Water Balance
by Brett Walton

July 19, 2016, Huffington Post
New Hope That Water Can Be a Bridge to Mideast Peace
by Gidon Bromberg and Hilik Bar
(click here for the French version)
(click here for the Italian version)

July 13, 2016, VerdeExchange (VX News)
Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian Water NGO Shares Progress & Vision For Abundant Water Future In Middle East

June 30, 2016, Globes
Israel, Turkey eager to rebuild Gaza
by Hedy Cohen
(article in Hebrew)

June 28, 2016, New York Times
Palestinians Say Israel Caused Their Summer Water Shortage
by AP

June 28, 2016, AP
Palestinians say Israel caused their summer water shortage
by Mohammed Daraghmeh and Daniella Cheslow

June 26, 2016, Los Angeles Times
Heat wave aggravates chronic water problems in occupied West Bank
by Joshua Mitnick

June 22, 2016, Ammon News
17 cos bid in Red-Dead Sea pipeline tender

June 17, 2016, BBC
Dead Sea drying: A new low-point for Earth
by Kevin Connolly

June 3, 2016,
The Dead Sea Swim Challenge: A bottom-up effort to save a natural wonder

May 25, 2016, Huffington Post
Fix Mideast Water Crisis to Advance Peace Process
by Munqeth Mehyar, Nader Khateeb, and Gidon Bromberg
(click here for the article in French)
(click here for the embedded video as a separate YouTube link)

May 24, 2016, BBC Radio
Business Matters
Interview with Gidon Bromberg

May 19, 2016, Arabian Perspectives
Water and Conflict: Environmental Peacekeeping in the Middle East
by Trayle Kulshan

May 12, 2016, Fokus Jerusalem (German – video link)
The environmental challenges at the Dead Sea  (begin at minute 13:00)
May 12, 2016,
A Palestinian ‘Voice for Peace’? Yes!
by Terry and Carol Winograd

May 10, 2016, Globes
94 cos buy Red-Dead Sea pipeline tender papers
by Hedy Cohen

May 3, 2016, New York Times
Gaza Sewage Crisis, Festering in Conflict, Poisons Coast
by AP

May 3, 2016, Washington Post
Gaza sewage crisis, festering in conflict, poisons coast
by Fares Akram and Daniella Cheslow

May, 2016, GEO Magazine (French)
What is the destiny for the River Jordan?
by Moshe Gilad (text) and Franck Vogel (photography)
Behind the scenes – video clip with EcoPeace’s Malek  Alfailat

April 25, 2016, Jewish Journal
Discovering the Dead Sea from a Different, Not-So-Distant Shore
by Barbara Kreiger

April 21, 2016, Time Magazine
How to Solve Gaza’s Water Crisis
by Rep. Jim McDermott and Kate Gould

April 20, 2016, Jewish Journal
Small groups contemplate big issues at Fields Institute
by Susan Freudenheim

April 2016, De Weit (German)
Would you kill for water?
by Gil Yaron
English translation: How a sewer is turning enemies into friends

March 31, 2016, Haaretz (Hebrew)
Life Saver for the Mateh Yehuda Springs
(full article in jpeg file)
by Zafrir Rinat

March 2016, National Geographic Traveller* (Hebrew)
Article about EcoPeace’s Green Economy Project’s ‘FAM’ tour
by Matanya Tausig
* This article was part of the March edition of the Israeli magazine National Geographic Traveller.  Written and photographed by Matanya Tausig.
הכתבה הופיעה בגיליון מרץ של המהדורה הישראלית של מגזין נשיונל ג’יאוגרפיק טרוולר. כתב וצילם מתניה טאוסיג.

March 26, 2016, Reshet Bet Radio (Hebrew)
On the way to Nature –  World Water Day
with Miki Miro (from minute 06:00)

March 22, 2016, Times of Israel
Putting water back on the table
by Gidon Bromberg and Oded Eran

March 21, 2016, (Hebrew)
Serious report exposes: “The Dead Sea is on the Verge of Clinical Death”
by Yair Krauss

March 21, 2016, Globes
EcoPeace slams Med-Dead Sea conduit
by Hedy Cohen

March 20, 2016, Agriculture, Nature and Environment (Hebrew)
An agreement was signed for the establishment of “model farms” in the Israeli-Jordanian Dead Sea

March 17, 2016, Jerusalem Post
Gaza sewage crisis is a ticking timebomb for Israel
by Michelle Malka Grossman

March 16, 2016, Ynet (Hebrew)
Gaza’s Sewage is threatening the water supply in Israel
by Amir Ben David and Elior Levi
(Click here for the artcle in English translated as: Gaza pollution flows to Israel due to power shorages)

March 13, 2016, Plus61J
Cross-border preparation for peaceful coexistence
by Hunter Stuart

March 12, 2016, Reshet Bet Radio (Hebrew)
On the way to Nature (minute 05:00)
with Michael Miro

March 9, 2016, Jerusalem Post
Could fly swarms be the tie that binds Israel and Jordan?
by MIchelle Malka Grossman

March 8, 2016, (Hebrew)
Coexistence Model: Joint agricultural Farm with Jordan
by Dalia Mazori

March 3, 2016, S&D – EU Parliamanet
S&Ds call for water cooperation in the Middle East

January 19, 2016, ARD Mediathek (German)
Water on H2O? Water Policy in the Middle East
by Benjamin Pohl

January 16, 2016, The Economist
Sun and Sea

December 23, 2015, Globes (Hebrew)
Israeli and World Heritage
by Giora Shaham

December 2015, The Sydney Morning Herald
The River Jordan, Let it Flow
by Gidon Bromberg

December 2015, Accelerating Energy Transition website (German)
Water against energy – save the future together in the Middle East
(click on the 5th circle on the right side of the page for the article)
by Maria Caroline Wolfle

December 14, 2015, Israel 21c
Take a hike for coexistence
By Abigail Klein Leichman

December 7, 2015, Haaretz
Israel-Jordan Water Pipeline Plan Shelved
(full article here)
by Noa Shpigel

December 5, 2015, Der Spiegel (German)
Mega channel from the Red Sea: The Dead Sea is revived
by Ulrike Putz

Decmeber 3, 2015, Haaretz (Hebrew)
Environmental Outline of an Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian Team: Solar Electricity for Water Desalination
By Zafrir Rinat
Read the article in English here

December 3, 2015, Jerusalem Post
Israeli expert: Mideast must cooperate or ‘go to war over water’
by Sharon Udasin

December 3, 2015, The Jewish Chronicle
Red Sea water to ‘save’ Dead Sea
by Nathan Jaffay

December 3, 2015, Albawaba
Israel, Jordan’s Red Sea-Dead Sea water sharing project goes to tender despite controversies

December 2, 2015, Jerusalem Post
Climate Cooperation
by Matti Friedman

December 2, 2015, Globes
Tender published for Red-Dead Sea canal
by Hedy Cohen

December 2, 2015, Telegraphic Times
Israel and Jordan Issue Joint Tender to Save Shrinking Dead Sea
by Elias Hubbard

Decmeber 1, 2015, i24 TV news
Israel, Jordan, Unveil Joint Venture to Replenish Dead Sea
The News Today with Lucy Aharish

December 1, 2015, +61J, australia
Israel at Paris Climate Conference

November 29, 2015, Times of Israel
Let it shine: Israel hypes solar at Paris talks
by Melanie Lidman

November 26, 2015, RFI
Climate change: the Dead Sea is shrinking
by Ibrahim Husseini

November 19, 2015, Environment And Climate In The Middle East
Haaretz Conference – On Our Doorstep – the Gaza Water and Energy Crisis, Scenarios

November 15, 2015, FOCUS (German)
Holy Broth
by Ulla Thiede

November 9, 2015, Stefanie Zobl blog (German)
Jordan and Dead Sea: Water Crisis in the Middle East
by Stefanie Zobl

October 21, 2015, The Source Magazine
Healing the wounds of conflict through water diplomacy
by Hunter Stuart

October 2015, Global Nature Fund
Last Chance for the Jordan River (page 3)

September 30, 2015, AP TV
Meex MidEast Dead Sea

September 30, 2015, ABC Radio
An Australian’s mission to save the dying Jordan River and prevent a water war
by Andrew West

September 29, 2015, ABC The World
Israel, Palestine and Jordan united through environmentalism
by Beverley O’Connor

September 27, 2015, The Big Smoke
EcoPeace: A river of peace in the Middle East
by Jordan King Lacroix

September 27, 2015, +61j
Let the Jordan River Roll Again
by Jordan King Lacroix

September 21, 2015, Nederlands Dagblad
Ecological rehabilitation Jordan river will boost peace process (online version)
Ecological rehabilitation Jordan river will boost peace process (print version)
by Maarten Bakker

September 10, 2015, (Hebrew)
A program that will change touring in Israel?
by Shiri Hadad

September 10, 2015, Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish)
Jordan River holy water has become a sewer
by Nikolaj Krak

September 9, 2015, The Guardian
Israel’s Knesset wants to be the greenest parliament in the world
by Marie de Vergès for Le Monde

September 4, 2015, Jerusalem Post
Environmental NGO unveils Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian hiking, cycling trails
by Sharon Udasin

September 3, 2015, Walla News (Hebrew)
Sinkholes Threat Worsens at the Dead Sea
by Adi Hashmona’i

September 2, 2015, France TV (French)
The Dead Sea is Dying
by Franck Genauzeau

August, 2015, Stockholm WaterFront #3
EcoPeace Middle East: The Good Neighbors

August 28, 2015, Al Jazeera
The Dead Sea is Dying
by Creede Newton

August 27, 2015, GhanaWeb
Water levels dropping, the Dead Sea is dying

August 26, 2015, Berliner Zeitung (German)
Freshwater treatment for the RIver Jordan
by Inge Gunther

August 25, 2015, The Straights Times
Dead sea dying?
by Jonathan Pearlman

August 25, 2015, The Straights Times
Plan for Red Sea water to save Dead Sea
by Jonathan Pearlman

August 20, 2015, Kol Israel in Arabic
Adventure Tourism – interview with Mohammed Biadsi

August 17, 2015, Huffington Post
Healing Waters From Hebron to Gaza
by Kate Rothschild

August 14, 2015, (Hebrew)
Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians will rehabilitate the Jordan River with 4.5 Billion US Dollars
by Asaf Gabor and Yair Kraus

August 11, 2015,
Israel, Jordan and Palestine pledge to clean up Jordan River
by Zofeen T Ebrahim

August 11, 2015, Danish Broadcasting
Jordan River Master Plan
by Hanne Foighel

August 1, 2015, The Times Magazine
What Kate Rothschild did next
by Charlotte Edwardes

July 12, 2015, i24 News
The Plan to Save the River Jordan
by Uri Shapira

July 12, 2015, The Media Line
Holy to Half of Humanity – the Polluted Water of the Jordan River
by Robert Swift

July 7, 2015, Calcalist (Hebrew)
Save the Jordan
by Danny Rubenstein
(See English translation here)

July 6, 2015, Times of Israel
Princess Charlotte christened with ‘sterilized’ water from River Jordan, fortunately
by AP and Times of Israel staff

July 6, 2015, Christian Today
Jesus’ baptism site to get tourist boost after becoming world heritage site
by Ruth Gledhill

July 3, 2015, Bayern2 Wissen German Radio (German)
The Red Sea to the Dead Sea – a gigantic project
by Markus Köbnik

June 23, 2015, Jerusalem Post
Environmental organizations demand implementation of national plan to fight climate change
by Sharon Udasin

June 23, 2015, Galei Tzahal Radio (Hebrew)
Environment Day in the Knesset – Gidon Bromberg interviewed about the Jordan River Master Plan (scroll to minute 44:45)

June 21, 2015, Chrisitan Science Monitor
Tap dance: Water’s effect on Arab-Israeli relations
by Christa Case Bryant

June 19, 2015, (Arabic)
Wallah: Palestinian Israeli Jordanian Plan to Rehabilitate the Jordan River with a cost of 4.5 Billion Dollar

June 19, 2015, Jordan (Arabic)
An Israeli Palestinian Jordanian Project to Counter ISIS “Daesh”

June 19, 2015, Al Madenah News (Arabic)
Maariv: $ 4.5 billion to bring life to the River Jordan

June 18, 2015, International Business Times
Christians ‘bathing in raw sewage’ at Jesus Christ’s baptism site in West Bank
by Orlando Crowcroft

June 18, 2015, Times of Israel
Baptism by mire? In Jordan River, sewage mucks up Christian rite
by Melanie Lidman

June 18, 2015, Al Ghad (Arabic)
In order to save the Jordan
Translated from Maariv, Tamar Dressler

June 18, 2015, Maariv (Hebrew)
From the printed version: Jumping in the Water… (pg.1) / (pg. 2)
Weblink: Jumping in the Water:  A Special Project to Rehabilitate the Jordan River Valley
by Tamar Dressler